Matt Webb of Berg/BergCloud/LittlePrinter in an interview with GigaOM:

There are three areas that people need to figure out for connected devices: 1) tech, 2) design and 3) business. The technology is being figured out and it feels like there’s no massive innovation that needs to be done there. For the business model, people seem to have a clear idea of that.

The thing that is really missing is the user experience. The thing that people can’t really guarantee is what should the products be? They’re sure there’s something there but they don’t know what it should be and they have no belief that they can make it.

Berg’s CEO on the experience of connected devices & avoiding the creep factor — GigaOM

In every conversation I have about Home Automation, which is essentially corporate speak for connected devices in your home, they complain about the immaturity of the market, because their products don’t sell. It’s always hard to explain, then, that maybe their products are to blame, and not the market. It’s good to have people like Matt working in this field. It means that hopefully other companies will wake up.