Stacey Higginbotham for GigaOm:

“Right now big appliance makers only have contact with a buyer once every ten years or so, but with connected devices they could make that three to four times a week.”

The idea of my fridge, my dryer and my dishwasher all conspiring to provide me updates several times a week in some attempt to keep in touch on behalf of Samsung, Bosch or Whirlpool makes me want to run screaming from the internet.

The internet of things may drive you nuts before it makes things better — GigaOm

I guess that’s exactly the reason why all the “Smart Home” solutions big players seem to throw onto the market haven’t taken off. They fail to take into account what users would actually want from Smart Appliances, while the products that do – NEST for example – have a massive trajectory.

This quip from Benedict Evans made the round recently – and it applies here as well:

You can think of people as users or customers – but they’re not yours. They don’t belong to you, and they may barely even care that you exist.

Glass, Home and solipsism — Benedict Evans

You should also check out this presentation by the awesome Claire Rowland on this matter.