I never really announced it here on the blog, but I’ve been working out of a shared office space in Kreuzberg for the last 6 months. What started out as just a space shared by Peter and Matt turned into more of a shared space for work, collaboration and sparring ideas. And after Alper joined and Chris had a brief run here, it needed a name. Enter the Kreuzberg Academy for Nerdery and Tinkering.

And as KANT, we sat down last week for a one-day content sprint – a concept which is loosely based on the book-sprint methodology and produced our first report.

Intrigued as we are with the wider area of healthcare and fitness, we were looking at current developments and potential implications of technology in this sector. Especially the convergence of the unregulated “fitness”-market and necessarily strictly regulated “health-care” caught our attention, as did the enormous changes in development velocity in these areas. We also looked closely into changing attitudes around patient empowerment, and how Electronic Patient Records are changing the industry.

The report was produced during the course of a day, and as such has been a tremendous exercise in collaboration and a good learning experience.

We quite enjoyed writing this report, and are pretty proud of the result. I hope you find it valuable.

If you wish, you can also download the full report as PDF or ePub

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